Sunday, 8 June 2014

Almost 1 month of silence. =p

Guys!! sorry i didn't update anything for the past 26 days.. =). I visited my sister in Bristol, UK and detour to Spain for 2 weeks. before that, i took 2 solid weeks to struggle in the office to finish as many work as i could so i can impressed my boss so that she let me take those vacation.

I enjoy Spain very much. very lovely country. nice food and nice place of attraction. I even watched  bull fight in Madrid! That was my first time and maybe the last. lol. to be honest, i cannot see fresh blood, much more bleeding bull. =p

When I'm in UK, i didn't miss the chance to use As usual i bought a few lego polybag, because they are easy to carry, and this time i manage to grab  a few raised baseplate. I admire them very much, because they are unique. no more in recent/latest lego set and i think this is the only chances i can have them. They are not that expensive.. around USD10 each, but the volumetric weight will make the postage expensive. especially if it's overseas postage. postage from UK to UK is tolerable. but not postage from UK to Malaysia. I hand carry them like a baby for 13 hours. lol

I also bought this: 

Doesn't look like lego right? But there's word "Lego" at the base.

Uncle Google told me, this is one of discontinued Lego HO 1:87 vehicles. I really have no idea what HO is, but this explanation is from wiki:
The name HO is derived from the fact that its 1:87 scale is approximately half that of O scale which was the smallest of the series of older and larger 0, 1, 2 and 3 scales introduced by Märklin around 1900. In most English-speaking markets it is pronounced "aitch-oh" and written with the letters HO today, but in German it is pronounced "hah-null", and still written with the letter H and numeral 0.
This exact model that i have is Bedford ESSO Barrel Truck, from set 251 and 1251. What amaze me more is they are from year 1955!!! OMG! This is very old school and i like it veeeeeery much! Just FYI, Malaysia gain independence from the British on 31st August 1957.. and according to online source, this item is produced and sold in 1955 to 1956. Even my mom and dad not born till 1960. phew..

source: google

source: google

Found a few picture on the internet, mine missing side sticker as can be seen in this image:

source: google

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