Tuesday, 13 May 2014

71005 Minifigure The Simpsons in Malaysia

I dedicate this post specifically to all AFOL in Malaysia. I wanna share something about Simpsons series minifigure. It has been 2 weeks now since the earlier hype about the figure were discussed in local forums and Facebook group.

The simpsons cmf (collectible minifigures) is priced at RM11.90 each bag. It's the same price like the previous the lego movie cmf. The retail is RM11.90 - no matter where you bought it - Lego Store, Brickplay, Brickboytoys, Parkson, or Toy's R'us. 

However, this series CMF have 3 complete set (set of 16) in a box. so most AFOL will grab a box and split them with friends or sell the extra set of 16 @online. If you buy them at those place that i mention earlier, the retail price for a box (60 pack) is RM714.. but, lucky for us. this year, Lazada also selling them, but only in sealed box of 60 at price RM669.90 (free postage too)! it's RM44.10 cheaper! and if you use discount code.. (i forgot what is it), you will get additional RM30 discount! So the whole box only cost you RM639.90. That is RM10.67 (about USD 3.29) per pack! Retail price that i inform you before is RM11.90 (USD3.67) per pack.

However, it's not easy to be that lucky. The simpsons CMF stock at Lazada will gone in few hours (or maybe minutes) once they are available. I hope Lazada will restock them soon. Seriously, this new and really interesting price of simpsons cmf make me think it's worth to wait for any new lego set that will be offered by Lazada =) 

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