Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lego Loki, Wolverine, Robin, Deadpool, Batman and Green Lantern (Decool 116-121)

This will be very short review. I miss this set because it's one of the earliest set issued by Decool (November 2013). At that time, i'm still refusing any clone brand. Found them recently so i just grab whole set to complete my clone collection.

The catalog is out dated so irrelevant
Line up: with accessories equipped.

Comparison with the original Lego (on the right):

..and here's comparison with SY Green Lantern (right). I won't own the original Lego SDCC anyway =(. However Decool's version is closer to the original SDCC.

Original SDCC Green Lantern (source: Brickset)

Yeah, Decool's version is better - with dual printed face and similar logo on the torso with original SDCC.


  1. I'm soo need that Loki & Wolverine figure . Very hard to find these two. I found Wolverine yesterday at KL Festival city but on very steep price ! RM 5.95 for a figure , buy 5> get RM5 per figure. I'm reluctant to pick it up but since I can't find the Wolverine on my regular place where i get my bootleg, I just pick it up. However, it wasn't the wolverine in this costume, it was from X-men day of future past i think . Anyway really want these two figures. Where you get them from? Can you help me get these two?

    1. Yeah, i know that wolverine. Its the new one in Decool set of 6. From lego set 76022 xmen and the sdntinel right.

    2. Gosh so many typo in one sentence. I just received the new set of 6 decool. Will review them tonight!

    3. saw Deccol new release Rhino (Big Fig) in taobao today...

    4. Already?? I just open the new set.. Now in the middle of uploading few pics to the blog. But man, lucky the figure is cheap.. With such rate they issuing new figure, i'll be broke in no time if its lego.

  2. Would you love to sell deadpool minifigure?. I try to look at all toy store/supermarket at Taiping, unfortunately they did not have deapool minifigures (most of them sold out already). Thanks.

  3. Tôi đang muốn mua đồ chơi xếp hình tại


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