Friday, 26 December 2014

Sheng Yuan SY253 Lego Castle

I don't have any original Lego castle set or minifigure but i think i'm in love with them. This is the 3rd minifigure set by Sheng Yuan. The other 2 set are SY175 and SY165 (Link).

Update@Dec 27th, 2014:
I've been told by @anonymous in the comment section below that to date, there are 4 series of castle minifigure set by Sheng Yuan in total. The last one that i dont have is SY166. Thank you sooo much for the info =) 

The figures with accessories/weapon:

Without accessories/weapon:

Wow, now i just realise something. No wonder they look so familiar. Figures in this set is the same with 4 figures(bottom line) from Lele 70400:

You may read about these 4 castle theme set here (Link).


  1. there is another set sy166. ordered from aliexpress since oct, but not yet arrive till today.

    1. Hi there. Thank you sooooo much for the info. I cant believe im wrong all this time. I thought there's only 3 castle minifigure set by sheng yuan to date. >_<.

      Now i cannot wait to have this set.. SY166. =)

      Again, thank you so much for the info. I will update my post above about SY166 =)

  2. Hehe I want to buy SY Castle characters plus extra horses. It could be cool !

    1. Only today i notice i miss one more series.. SY166. Turn out there are 4 sets of castle theme by sheng yuan. Its great to have someone to correct me when i'm wrong =)

  3. Anyone know of any sites where I can purchase the LELE Hawks set? It's been very difficult trying to find them. Any help is greatly appreciated


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