Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lego Toy Story by Sheng Yuan SY172

Before i start my review on the clone/imitation item, let me share with you my original Toy Story minifigure: my pride =)

I am quite disappointed with the character that SY choose to imitate. There's Buzz Lightyear and Woody - dirty variant in the set. It would be cool if they replace those two variant with Bullseye or Rex or Stinky Pete, no? Oh, maybe SY will issue the 2nd wave soon. who knows, right?

What's in each box: the usual trading/game cards and sealed parts.

The minifigures with accessories:

Comparison with original Lego (on the right)

i really don't like SY pattern of short leg

some visible mark on the SY

diff hair and cowboy hat

Original Lego has awesome cape - dual side/color cape

I'm sorry but i don't have loose Dirty Buzzlightyear to compare. He's still sealed in 7599 set Garbage Truck Gateaway. I dont have complete Toy Story set but i keep some that i love, sealed in box =)
source: Bricklink


  1. I do like SY's style of articulated short legs. Its very special. In fact, I bought nearly all SY short legged minifigs just for the legs. Even minifigs I don't really like. I swap those legs onto custom 'children' minifigs for City theme.

    1. Hehe... Yeah @apodistagon. Its kinda unique because lego dont have that. Its poseable, some will love that =)

  2. I think Sheng Yuan's Jessie is cuter than the official one

    1. now that you mention it. yeah, i agree with you. SY's Jessie has more beautiful eyes than Lego version O_o

  3. were is a good place to buy bootleg
    i am from malaysia

    1. most toy shop or toy booth sell these stuff. If you want to get them in bulk, you can try wholesale mall @kenanga or gm klang =)


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