Thursday, 25 December 2014

OK brand - Lego Kamen Rider Gaim

Do you know this Japanese television series? They are kinda unique actually. If your favourite superheroes derive their power from thunder, or from meteorite that hit them, these guy actually get their power from fruits. yup, you read it right. From fruits!
source: google

I don't =p, but i found lego figure of them.. by OK.

Using the top image as reference, these guy will be (from left) Baron, Ryugen, Gaim, and Zangetsu. 

Actually i found few pictures of them and i think they miss one figure - Gridon (on left).

Each figure comes with 2 sets of weapons:

Front/rear view:

Their face looks like alien =p

IMHO, they will look much better if the chest armour and arm pad comes in separate pieces.. but their helmet looks ok, i mean they are first of its kind and look awesome.. except the green guy. he looks like swamp creature =p


  1. this series have over 10 riders and over 20 Arms(form) can switch together.

    1. now i just realised something... if there's design printed on the leg, they will look much better.. oh my. i really hope they will issue the classic kamen rider. kamen rider black, rx, etc etc. i'm gen-x people, so i only watch the earlier series of kamen rider ahahah

    2. How do I get something like them, because I can't find them anywhere else

  2. They look so cool !
    But... OK brand... :-D

  3. Hello there... I live in M'sia, and I was wondering, where can I buy Sheng Yuan or Lele or any other bootleg brand lego for the Viking Minifigures (included in the yellow shengyuan castle set).. I tried mudah and but they all sell in set... i just want the viking minifigures but in bulk quantity.. hope u can help me :D thanks..

    1. Hi there. Thanks for visiting=). About your question, yeah... Most online seller sell only in set. If you are looking for loose figure, then you have no choice but to buy them in store.. From toy booth and maybe from night market..

  4. Replies
    1. Hi @Chee. Where are you from? I think these bootlegs are everywhere now. I've saw some displayed for sale at toy booth inside super/hypermarket (Aeonbig, Tesco). If you want to try order these directly from china, you may try aliexpress or taobao =) (but you need to order few other sets to average out the shipping cost)

  5. Heya, I haven't been able to find these figures anywhere.
    I was wondering if you could help me locate them?
    I collect Lego Minifigures and I love Kamen Rider.
    And I would much appreciate your help.
    I read your comment to Chee, but I didn't understand it.
    If you could either point me in the right direction, or buy them and make a private ebay listing (with a pre agreed price) that would be fantastic.
    Hope to hear from you soon, here's my email
    I'll give you more details, such as the country I live in, over email.

    1. Hi there. I try to find them on aliexpress and found this:

      assuming you're from uk, the postage is free from china but will take about 3-4 weeks. Price is cheaper without the box =).

    2. Thank you so much!
      That website looks a little dodgy though, have you used it before?
      Also, I can't figure out if 1 piece = 1 figure, or the entire set.

    3. Hi =).

      Do you mean Aliexpress? Yup, tried a few times before but I dont have history buying stuff from that seller. Anyway, the seller rating is not that bad - 98.8% . There's money back guarantee and full refund if you buy stuff via aliexpress. but there's no denying that the risk is still there =).

    4. One piece means the whole set. I purchased a set of Guardians of The Galaxy just for the unique Groot minifigure. Everything came, the quality is good for a bootleg (the Sheng Yuan brand is good, others are pretty terrible quality), te price was also cheap, free ship, just had to wait several weeks, but not a big deal.

      My only concern would be safety, as they are Chinese bootlegs who knows if they're full of lead paint or something. I wouldn't give them to children.

      Hope that helps Nate!

  6. These guys are cool! I really like the weapons too.

  7. Replies
    1. Hi @laceyfan1. i bet you are big fan of the series :).


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