Tuesday, 23 December 2014

JLB 3D4801 - 3D4806 Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT - Movie Variant

source: google

Lego has released 3 sets from the movie above:

79115 Turtle Van Takedown
79116 Big Rig Snow Getaway
79117 Turtle Lair Invasion

I'm pretty sure Bella will come up with 100% imitation for these 3 sets but for now lets see what JLB can offer us in their set of 6:

- Lego Michelangelo
- Lego Donatello
- Lego Leonardo
- Lego Raphael
- Lego April O'Neil
- Lego Shredder

Minifigures with weapon/accessories:

Without weapon/accessories:

There are 13 minifigures from the 3 original Lego sets but JLB only clone 6 of them: 

..but... I don't think they are anywhere near original Lego. Before you view the close up picture of JLB figure, look at this image of the main character (original Lego) that i download from Bricklink here:

..and here is the close up pic of JLB figure:

Conclusion? This is another lousy set by JLB. (again, huh). JLB's April O'Neil is totally different person than Lego, Shedder still use the old armour, Donatello use the same torso with JLB's Michelangelo (note the colour of piece of cloth on front torso), but JLB's Michelangelo use Lego's Donatello torso. The torso design for every turtle is supposed to be different with each other. JLB's Raphael and Leonardo look almost same with Lego but the  Turtle Shell is definitely different. Lego use different turtle shell for these movie variant. 

SY and Decool already issue good quality imitation of another TMNT variant before. LinkLink. So if you cannot find these JLB at good price, don't bother. Let's wait SY or Decool issue their version of TMNT =)


  1. Wow, how many bootleg of ninja turtle set you have now? I hope you can do a comparison with all the bootleg set of TMNT. That would be cool.

    1. So far i limit myself to Sheng Yuan, Decool and Jlb =). I will grab those bigger set once they available =)

  2. Sigh ... JLB ... sighhhh ...

    C'mon we need more bootleg brands to give SY and Decool a run for their money. It helps keep those top two on their toes. Step it up ... Lele, JLB, Dargo, IQ, LetQ, Enlighten, Bela, Bozhi whatever ...

    1. Hi @apodistagon. Do you know or remember why the rise of these clone lego? Is it when lego setup their factory/manufacturing of lego block in china?

    2. I read in google that lego setup their first factory in china in 2013. I get my first clone lego figure in november 2013. Lol

    3. No idea man. I would have thought LEGO had a factory in China decades ago.

      To me, it seems all these SY, Decool, Lele, Bozhi, Bela ... it's like BookXcess/Big Bad Wolf ... buying up 'rejected' materials or 'excess' production ... from Lego factories? Just a guess.

      Anyway, it's all good. Haha.


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