Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Walking Dead Lego Figure (JX1005) by Elephant brand

My 5th post for today lol! what a speed. I want to apologize if the way I update this blog is very strange to you.(there may be no immediate update throughout the week or month, but if there is an update, there will be many at once) ^^'. I only manage to update and reply to comments when I have free time.

Okay, here's the final (3rd) set of The Walking Dead by Elephant Brand. The first set is JX1003 and the 2nd set is JX1004.

Pictures of the box:

All boxes have the same image at the back:

Assembled minifigures with weapon and accessories: Each come with extra zombie head :)

What do you think about them? I'm not sure whether I start to feel bored with Walking Dead figures or design on their torso is really simple. but certainly all the zombies have a bad face :(

From left: Abraham, Tyreese, Eugene, Zombies.

From left: Bob, Maggie,  Soldier Zombies, Swat Zombies

This is the real character from the tv series:
image taken from wiki

So what's next? Minifigures of Game of Thrones characters maybe? *wink*wink*


  1. Are you going to do the review on the SY AOU waves?

    1. yup, definitely :). I think I will be able to get the set within this week :)

    2. can you send me the buy link?

    3. hi @邓琳. do you mean seller link for this walking dead figure? um,.. i bought this from local shop near my house..

      if you want to buy them online, i think it's better if you visit aliexpress and use "JX1005" as your keyword. then you may choose which seller you are comfortable to deal with :)

  2. How good is the plastic quality?is it easily break or it is almost as good as sheng yuan?

    1. hi there. for sure it was not easy to break. The plastic is good IMHO. comparison to SY? hmm... i have a feeling SY is better >_< but for now this is the only brand that make TWD minifigures


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