Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sheng Yuan SY272 Ninjago Minifigures

This box contains two complete sets. Since i bought them from wholesale store, they wont allow me to take out only one set from the box =(. Actually i'm quite lucky to be able to buy just one box like this. some wholesale store just want to sell them in certain quantity. Normally two box or more. 

Picture of complete set of 8:

As usual, no cards or catalogue inside the box. Only parts in sealed bag.

Assembled minifigures with the accessories/weapons:

None of them have dual sided faces, but i love the details. Each of them have different face with each other. I know that some bootlegs brands will ignore such details and consider such thing as insignificant.

From left: Sleeveless version of Jay, Kai, Lloyd, and Cole.

From left; Eyezor, Zugu, Chen, and Kapau'rai Chop'rai.

Let's be honest. Bad guy seem more interesting than the good guy. especially these two that come with armoured shoulder pads, complete with spikes and Spine. :)


  1. That is good,,how about the new sheng yuan age of ulton set of 16,,that's pretty cool because black widow's hair is right and scarlet witch and many more are included,,please also make a review of Jurassic world by Lele mybrickstore...thank you!hope to see them soon

    1. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog :). I'll try to get them this week and review them asap. Cannot wait to compare them with original Lego figure :)

  2. Thank you very much,mybrickstore is the best! :D

    1. my oh my, i'm flattered :) Thanks for visiting this blog :)

  3. The snake thingy is Chop'rai, not Kapau'rai, just googled it and the front print and armored shoulders don't match Kapau :)

    1. Hey anonymous... you are right =). Thanks! i should amend my post above accordingly.

      image of the figures from bricklink

      abyway, are they siblings? ahah. i really have no idea.


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