Saturday, 11 July 2015

Decool 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104 - Bricktober 2014 Mini modular

This set is 100% imitation of Lego Bricktober 2014 Mini modular set.

LEGO Bricktober Theater (40180)
LEGO Bricktober Pizza Place (40181)
LEGO Bricktober Fire Station (40182)
LEGO Bricktober Town Hall (40183)

If i'm not mistaken, different set was given out to customers who make a minimum purchase at Toy's R Us. (USD60?). Some TRU sold them individually at USD19.90 each. Expensive? yeah maybe, for 1xx++ pieces set but they are more ridiculous in Malaysia, RM450 equivalent to USD125 lol!

Decool made this set under their City theme. Pieces count on the box is same with Lego.

Inside the box are 3 polybags, a loose 6 x 8 plate, and a instruction booklet.

Instructions booklet for all 4 set:

All booklets have the same image at the back but for different set. ahaha.. so silly.

Assembled set:

I don't have original to compare but i found this image online:

For those of you who can not imagine its size, the following is a size comparison with average Lego minifigure.

side view:

Rear view:

After seeing the actual size of this set, I realised I'm not willing to spend RM450  (USD125) to get the original set. I think this set of Decool quite ok .. not so many loose parts but surely there are many scratched tiles.

Anyway, I got this picture from @Steven last week:

It's imitation of Lego 10230. I doubt that we could put this set side by side with 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104 because they are different sizes. 

I would like to share with you guys my 10230. Bought this at RM300 ($79.99 retail in US) few years back.
source: google

Do not be surprised when you see the price on eBay today:

The only modular that i assembled. ahaha =)

Size comparison:
664 (164+139+175+186) pieces Vs 1,355 pieces.

I bought Decool 1101, 1102, 1103 and 1104 all for RM40 (USD10). So i think price for this imitation 10320 will be around RM80. That's 17% from original set! This is interesting >_<.


  1. The next few sets ... Decool 1105-1109 ... are they bigger than the 1101-1104?

  2. hi @apodistagon. i think Decool will imitate 100% the original set so yeah, the coming 1105-1109 will be bigger than 1101-1104.


    664 pieces Vs 1,355 pieces.
    1101-1104 use 6x8 plate as base while 1105-1109 will use 8x8 plate as base =)

  3. 1101-1104 RM40 ... that's cheap man. Lowest I see around here is RM15 per box.

    1. owh.. i get these from plaza GM.. I think maybe that's why the price is rather low compared to retail. RM15 is kinda pricey..

  4. Hi..where to buy compatible lego like ths wth reasonable price,apart fr online?Tq

    1. hi there. where are you from? I'm from Kuala Lumpur so i can only advice you places nearby. I get these stuff from Plaza GM. It's in Chow Kit and another one in Klang

  5. Plaza GM sells in bulk right? Walk-in customers like us have to buy at least the whole set?

    1. Hi @apodistagon. For a first time customer, yeah , they will ask you to buy 2 or 3 set. but after some time, after they get to know you, they will allow you to buy just one set. eh, that's at GM KL. at GM Klang, you can just buy 1 set even that's your first time to that store. but still... they sell only the whole set (set of 6 or set of 8 minifigures, same with this mini modular, set of 4)

  6. hi bro.. I bought this for my kids.. since ori LEGO will cost u a new handphone lol..
    anyway... when I bought 1101 and 1103.. I just realized that 1101 came with 1102 (pizza place) manual LOL..
    how on earth they mistakenly pack it inside..

    if you don't mind can you scan me a copy of the 1101 manual instruction?
    kindly send to
    very much appreciate it if you can share it with me..


    1. ouch. so sorry to hear that. and so sorry that i just read this msg. so have u assemble it? the instruction is 100% similar with original lego set.

      you may view/download the instructions here:


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