Saturday, 11 July 2015

Decool 0077 - 0085 Ninjago Minifigures Set

This is not the first Ninjago minifigures set from Decool. There's one more set 0071 - 0076 but i missed it.

0071-0076 that i missed

Images of the box for 0077-0085:

Tiny catalog inside each box showing other characters they have to offer.

I don't have any original Lego to compare, sorry!

1. Cole

2. Lloyd

3. Titanium Zane

4. Jay

5. Skylor

6. Kai

7. Master Chen

8. Pythor

9. Kapau' Rai

They come with accessories and weapon as below:

I found video made by showing Ninjago minifigures in tournament themed Zukin Gi's. Here's the printscreen:

This is my version >_<

if you ask me, i love these 2 guys more than other figures >_<


  1. so THAT'S were SY and Dargo get their iron man head. Haha

    1. oh yes, that's right (^^)' I forgot to say a few words about it. ahahaa

  2. Hi :-)
    So did you prefer the SY272 to this one? :-)

    This time I choosed Decool, however it has not shoed up yet ;-)

    Gnrl Clstr

    1. Hi @Gnrl Clstr. since both of them are different figure (one with head mask and one with hair), i love them both for now. ahaha. if i'm not mistaken, there's also SY ninjago minifigures set before but I've missed it. I do not have any original Lego Ninjago figure, and I do not have much knowledge about Ninjago theme


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