Saturday, 1 March 2014

Variant of Doc Ock

Since i just restart buying lego only last year, i miss a lot of great set before, so my main source for lego set is from Bricklink.

One of my favourite villain is Doc Ock. However i only have Doc Ock from set 6873 Spider Man's Doc Ock Ambush. I bought the set last year (2012). 

I always try to have all variant of minifigures  So, when i check bricklink, there are total of 6 variant of Doc Ock! But i cannot afford to have all variant, because of the price =p. Here's the pic of my Doc Ock =) The other variant that i don't have is really similar to the 2nd from left. For the other 2, the torso is the same, but only face print is different.

The one on the left is from set 4857 - Doc Ock's Fusion Lab - year 2004

2nd from left is from 4854 Doc Ock's Bank Robbery (Thin Smirk face print), and the other 2 design that i don't have is from 4855 Spider Man's Train Rescue  (Clenched Teeth smile face  print) and 4856 Doc Ock's Hideout -(Thin Toothy Smile face print). You can see from the image below, the torso print is the same, only face print is different.

The latest Doc Ock that i have is from 76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist

I just add them to my wanted list. maybe i just grab it if i accidentally found them when placing order for other parts.

junior spidey cannot make it =p


  1. That last pic... LOL!

    1. Hehe... Maybe its time for lego to make new design/color for spiderman figure. But lego not to be blame, even new spiderman in the reboot movie also looks like the same with previous spiderman movie. Heheh

  2. Great review!..kudos to you sir..i've been checking all the reviews that you've done for a month now and its been really swell..more power to you and more reviews of lego and bootleg superheroes pls.

    1. Hi @Anonymous :). Thanks for the support. I wish i could do more to entertain you guys :)


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