Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Lego Movie Promotional Set Theatre Seating

Yesterday i received all parts that i ordered to MOC the theatre seating set of the lego movie. Initially ordered enough to make 8 set, all for myself. but i was forced by my friends to sell to them. so now i'm left with two

I modified few parts to attach them together.

I also found this picture when i google about the set.
source: google image
Looks like i'm 98% right about the parts used. One of the parts that i used is 1x 1x12 brick, but in this manual, the set used 3x 1x4 brick =)

too bad i only have bubble jet printer at home.. i try to design the background as close as i can to the original one..


  1. hi, may i know where to buy the parts to MOC the LEGO movie cinema and the cost for it? for 8set as you order and also for 1 ~ 2 set? TYVM!

    1. i still think Bricklink ( is the best place to source for all the parts. When i sourced for 8 set initially, i can average out each set around RM80 (usd25) each. Of course it's cheaper if you just use whatever brick that u have (as long as it's light bluish grey) for the base =)

  2. Please,please help 9 yr old ASD son saw this set on youtube n desperately wants to recreate it. He went through the lego website n did pick a brick going thru like 500 bricks to come up with the supplies. I just saw the picture u posted of the manual from the promo set n he didnt pick those pieces per se. Do you sell it? Pls help...he's been asking for it for over 5 months n i keep saying Christmas time Santa will bring it....


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