Friday, 14 March 2014

Knock Off Spongebob minifigure

They do look colourful =)

I have some original minifigure. maybe i can do comparison of them later =)


  1. Hi Sir I'm here again :)
    here is the link for the review for the spongebob bootleg

    i also wanna inform you that Decool already ready release the wave 4 w/ include
    The winter soldier is awesome! the not so good is cyclops and batman beyond, sdcc green arrow! venom, Odin are good.
    I also see some pictures but still has no review for the Sheng Yuan new set w/ include
    Nick Furry, Catwomen, Aquaman, Deadpool, Cyclops hope its good, wonder women, joker and flash

    1. Can i know where do you saw the pictures of Sheng Yuan new set @.@?

    2. wow.. you guys are fast... Cylo Hudencial... where are you from. looks like you can get them on hand earlier than me! =)

      Thanks for the link!!!!

  2. Cylo - is it available for sale in Malaysia market?

    1. u can get it all here~!

  3. @dj_godfather - I don't know If it's now available in Malaysia but it's now available here in the Philippines.

    @Legostore.My - Im from the Philippines

    @Anonymous - I saw the picture of the SY new set from my friend w/ he also gives me link and update on bootlegs. the SY Flash looks different from the lego decool flash. the headgear looks like a ordinary Helmet w/ lightning at the side

  4. @Cylo Hudencial - Is it available in Divisoria?


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