Sunday, 16 March 2014

My collection - Hobbit Minifigure

Finally i manage to sort all my hobbit from 2012 till 2014 in display case.. phew. took me about 2 hours to check them with bricklink.. yeah, i'll be honest with you guys.. i did watch hobbit few times but i still can't remember all their name. lol. all about the same size and i'm not sure they are from hobbit or lord of the ring set. so bricklink is my source. =)

Thorin and Company - from 2012 Hobbit set

Other minifigure from 2012 Hobbit set

I believe Goblin King won't fit in any case that i have for now...
all hobbit minifigure from 2012 set
Minifigure from 2014 hobbit set

I really love 2014 hobbit set. One of the reason is because lego only make one variant of Thorin Oakenshield (in lake-town outfit) vs to previous set - thorin in chain mail. Imagine if lego make variant of other hobbit member... phew.. that's about 14 hobbit figure!

I cannot wait to have this year exclusive figure Good Morning Bilbo Baggins. 

to welcome this figure in my collection, i already reserved a spot in my case. Dedicated case just for bilbo baggins variant =)

2012 and 2014 Hobbit minifigures

By the way, this is not complete collection of Hobbit minifigure. There are few other bad guy missing.. mostly variant of Orc and few good guys from polybag that i haven't open =p
from left: mirkwood elf guard from 30212 polybag and lake-town guard from 30216 polybag

owh, since i'm sorting the hobbit/lord of the ring minifigure, here are pictures of some characters variant:
Legolas Greenleaf from Hobbit 79001 or 30215 set (left) and
Lord of The Ring 79008 or 9473 set (right)

Aragorn both from Lord of The Ring set - 9472/79008/9474 (left) and set 79007 (right)
Mirkwood Elf - with hood and without hood

owh..... by the way. i love this guy A LOT!

Azog also appear as one of the exclusive in San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2013.
I think it's the same azog from 79014

Yeah, it's the same azog =)

The special card attached to the SDCC figure could cost you $700!


  1. Hi Sir maybe you wanna add the ULTRAMAN minifig in your collection
    It's hard to find and rare. even ebay don't have it.
    but it's from mega bloks but old school like lego fig.
    I have the two sets from the 4. bnew.
    1 set ULTRAMANTIGA and EvilTiga
    2 set UltramanCosmosEclipseMode and UltramanJustice

    for sale or trade

    1. wow! that's the most awesome ultra man figure i ever saw! but i bet that's expensive! how much r they btw? =p

    2. Not that expensive I am selling both 2 set for $150-200 or trade it w/ ur 2nd hand Lego minifigs or set

  2. Hi Hafiz,

    may i know how do you order the parts online?
    maybe u can share with us the website.

    1. hi there. i think the most convenient and easiest way to order parts is via

      There is also another site., but i prefer bricklink.

      Should i make tutorial on how to use bricklink eh? =p

  3. Hey thanks for the link.
    Nah..its ok. :D

  4. I find myself visiting this page regularly. I am a fan of LOTR/Hobbit and I envy your collection.

    I do not have any LOTR/Hobbit minifigs coz by the time I got back into Lego, they are no longer made and the minifigs are getting expensive. And I had to put my money in buying shitload of bricks having rekindled my interest in MOC.

    Of course that was two years ago, and now in 2016 it's even more expensive. Especially the hobbits - Merry, Pippin and Sam.

    Minifigures don't tempt me. But LOTR/Hobbit themed ones, is my greatest weakness.

    1. Hi @apodistagon. I became compelled to reply to this comment after seeing your name :).

      I don't have any LOTR/Hobbit LEGO set too ahaha.. only manage to collect the minifigures :p. Speaking on weakness and regret, my weakness is pirate ships. I missed Queen Anne’s Revenge and The Black Pearl (from Pirates of the Caribbean POTC) in 2011 but now the price is just insane.

      The price will become more insane when the new movie (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) comes out next year (2017).

      So I won't hesitate to get Lepin 16006 Black Pearl once they become available. Hope they'll issue Queen Anne’s Revenge as well.

    2. Do you still remember how much you paid for LOTR main hobbit characters?

    3. Bro ... r u missing King Theodon minifig? He's one awesome minifig, one of my fav LOTR/Hobbit minifig.


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