Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lego Martian Manhunter from Justice and Injustice League

ya, i'm such a slowpoke. just got my martian manhunter polybag today. Now i can snap picture of him with another guy from justice league =p

martian manhunter from different league
Original lego martian manhunter is on the left (he's from Injustice League) and the imitation martian manhunter on the right (from Justice League) is from Decool. somehow i'm really satisfied with this pair. now i wonder if Decool purposely manufactured martian manhunter from Justice League because they know Lego is making one from Injustice League.

wow, i'm really thankful to one of the reader for pointing out this 2 design is from 2 different league =)


  1. Hafiz,maybe u bleh tunjuk collection of minifigs u dlm display case?

  2. hi. i dont have many arcylic display to fit all minifigures but here's one of them =)

    display case for lego

  3. Cool!!rugi pulak bila terfikir knp bg lego minifig yg consist of knight n ghost,pirates etc kat org.skrg baru rasa nk collect balik. :(

  4. Hi, Injustice league does not have a "Martian Manhunter". Both are from Justice league, Just with different printing. Injustice League is made up of DC supervillains, list of members can be found here:
    And there is only one martian manhunter. Thank you

  5. Hi, I dug further through the net and found that Mr Cylo might had mistaken the origin of the Lego suit with the game "Injustice: Gods among us", thinking that Martian Manhunter in this suit joined the Injustice League in this game, but he never did. Thank you :)


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