Friday, 27 November 2015

Sheng Yuan SY362B Wolverine Mecha

Continuation from previous post SY362A, here's the 2nd set; Wolverine also needs his own mecha to fight the bad guys. lol

*When using claws fighting bad guys became too mainstream*

Items in the box: Instructions booklet and lego parts in 7 sealed bags.

Printed parts. Yup, that screen display on cockpit window is printed :)

Assembled set. Love the claws!!

Turret gun for the bad guys. not a fair fight XD

Front view of the mecha:

Side view.

Rear view. 

I love this pose, with lifted flap. 

Upper body and lower body are connected here, using these parts:

This is why I prefer these mecha to have hands:

About the same height with Ant Man's mecha from SY361A:

Last but not least, size comparison with the previous Avenger's mecha from SY360A/B and SY361A/B. I thought all of them about the same size until I put them together like this.

Ooops, I forgot to upload pics of the minifigures XD. Thanks @anonymous :)

Little update thanks to @anonymous: The other minifigure (on the right) is Victor Creed/Sabretooth (starred by Liev Schreiber) in the film xmen origins wolverine.
image source: google


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    1. Ah, i come from friendster era hahha. have yet to make a facebook account lol

  2. Hi. I enjoy & appreciate your blog very much! (It's a great source of info on knock-off minifigures).
    For the Wolverine Mecha review, could you post close-up pics of the minifigures?

    Thanks. And keep up the excellent work!

    1. Oh, thanks for the reminder @anonymous. I just update this post with some pictures of the minifigures :)

      and.. thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. The other minifigure is based on actor Liev Schreiber who played victor creed in the film xmen origins wolverine. Victor Creed is the real name of xmen villain Sabretooth

    1. Hey @anonymous, thanks :)). I just make additional information to the post above. I really appreciate it.


      they got the sideburn right, but this hairpiece is more suitable

  4. Were can I buy it???

    1. Hi sorry that i just noticed your comment. please scroll down a bit. your question has been answered by my friend, @Batsy Bats :)

  5. ^ Guys you can buy it at local stores if they sell bootLego ofc. I dunno how legal is to sell such copies in some countries tbh.
    The other way is to order blocks from AliExpress (I hope you ordered something from there and know how to buy there). I've see this set on sale there in several stores there.
    Or you can buy them at Ebay too.

    @ Legostore My Hi, have you ever thought of small FAQ? Cuz "where to buy" questions bump frequently.

    1. hehe @Batsy Bats. Thank you again for helping me to answer all the questions.

      I agree with you. actually quite a lot of the same questions were asked - where to buy this stuff. I will put it in my to do list.

      there's a few thing that i gotta update too.
      1) listing for these imitation (I intend to update sets made by SY, Decool, Lele and Dargo only)
      2) highlight/main diff that can be seen from original Lego minifigure and recent imitation.

    2. ouch.. one more..
      3) update the iron man list. just received Dargo #853 (Trasnparent Iron Man)

  6. Hi n sorry it took me this long to find this great blog. I just started collecting these bootLegos last week n loving it, all thanks to u. Just wondering, do u think SY will come out with more mech suits? Guess I'll start my collection with those n see where to go from there.

    Thanks for the great blog...


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