Friday, 27 November 2015

Sheng Yuan SY362A Ant Man Mecha

I have no skill to make my own MOC of Robots/Transformers/Mecha therefore these type of set is "must have" to me. I wish i could skip this one because i'm more interested with SY362B that i will share with you guys in my next post. But as usual, the purchase in set (SY362A/B) is cheaper than buying separately so I have to have both.

Items in the box: Instructions booklet and lego parts in 8 sealed bags.

This should be metallic grey, i think. but with this result, they should try to make it in normal dark grey colour. not only the color difference looks obvious, but there are also shades of color on the surface of the bricks that are not pleasing to the eyes.

2x4 brick and 2x4 plate

Printed parts. 

Assembled set. Looks unbalanced. I think it would look more attractive if it has both hands with gattling gun as add-on.

The weakest point for this build. SY use these circled parts to connect the upper body and lower body.

Front, side and rear view of the mecha:

Parts that can be adjusted.

Assembled minifigures.

Both had print on the side of the leg:

Well before you jump off your seat to purchase this set, you might want to remind yourself that most parts in this build do not stick well like Lego. most of them kept falling apart :(. They look attractive in pictures but may need a little effort to fix the parts that fall off after a few pose.

Anyway, other mechas that you might be interested in
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  1. So even Shen Yuan makes it so parts fall off (glue comes to save the day?). What about other manufacturers then?

    1. hi @Batsy Bats :). yup, without hesitation I glued the relevant parts before I let my kids play with them. otherwise they would be calling my name every 10 seconds to fix the broken section.

      I do not always assemble big set from these china brand but but the quality of set SY308 (Xmen vs Sentinel) somewhat tolerable.

      as for decool, their Warbird set #7107 is quite bad. with loose parts and sharp edges.

    2. i have the SY330 lex luthor's mech and I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of that set. nothing falls apart (even when a kid is playing with it) and legs/arms articulations fits together very well... i also have sy312 v wing, it's cool too but spring-loaded shooters don't work :/

  2. I wish Ant Man and Yellow Jacket come with their helmets and accessories :)

    1. Yeah, too bad they don't :(. I just got this set Lele 79057

      not sure if SY has plans to issue Antman minifigures.

  3. Do local stores have this yet?

    1. Hi there. where are you from? I got these at local shop near my house and i think i saw one or two of this set at toy booth inside Aeon Kepong. oh, I'm from KL, Malaysia by the way. hehe.


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