Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Decool 0232- 0237; Arrow, Arsenal, Deathstroke, Black Canary, Merlyn, Ra's Al Gul

I do not always notice about the design of the box but in this set, instead using the general "Super Heroes" tag, they add "Arrow" to indicate all these figures are related.

Assembled minifigures with accessories/weapons:

Pamphlet inside each box:

All pamphlet showing the same catalog:

Trading/game cards. One in each box.

Front/rear view of the minifigures:

1. Green Arrow

2. Arsenal

3. Deathstroke

4. Black Canary - with curved waist

5. Merlyn The Dark Archer

This fig come with extra piece of hair you can use to switch the hood.

6. Ra's Al Gul

In this whole set, I personaly love Arsenal, Deathstroke and Ra's Al GulArsenal, because he is the Green Arrow's sidekick and for Deathstroke, he's the only fig in this set that has print on side of his arm and leg. For Ra's Al Gul, i really admire how the design of the robe is printed perfectly on the torso, hip and leg.


  1. If I want to buy Ra's Al Gul and Deadstroke, where I can get it? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi. If you want to buy only them you can try to search singly sold minifugures at AliExpress. Usually minifigs are sold in sets like this one, but some sellers sell figures separately.
      I'm sure I've seen Deathstroke sold separately, not sure about Ra's.

    2. @Batsy Bats, you are fast :). Thanks for replying :))

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  3. It's nice to see a DC themed set instead of crazy mixes of Marvel and DC heroes.
    But the Green and Dark arrows' faces (both versions) look pretty dummy. Printing is also not perfect. I hope mine set's printing will be ok.

    1. hi @Batsy Bats, yeah. they always mix DC and marvel character in one set. so we're kinda forced to get characters that we don't want to. ahaha

      one thing that i cannot complaint much about these china bricks is the inconsistencies. mine might be from different batch from yours.

      but i personally think that SY's printing is nicer. sharper and shinier compared to Decool. The latest set i got from Sheng Yuan is SY287 their Star Wars minifigures. have a look at this close up - Geonosis Clone Trooper's torso

  4. I personally disappointed with the printings.
    Coming from Decool, it doubles my disappointment.

    1. Hi @cEro. which one caught your eye? what i noticed is the print on their face is not smooth for some fig. in this set. you can see the defect at Arsenal's and Merlyn's face

      print on Merlyn's torso is the worst

      Black canary is the 2nd worst:

      but im okay with Ras Al Gul :D


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