Friday, 6 February 2015

Lele 79016 Counter Strike

I have a few set of bootlegs that i want to share with you guys but i know you love swat more so here it is:

If i recall correctly, this is the 3rd set of military/army lego by Lele after this and this. As usual, you will get these inside each box; cards, unassembled figure in sealed packaging, and standard weapon/accessories attached to plastic rack.

Standard accessories/weapon in each box:

.. and here's what you will get with each minifigure:

Each figure has a name, labeled on each box:

1. Sniper

2.  Udarnik 

3. Machine Gunner

4. Udarnik

5. Team Leader

6. Pioneer 

How they look with their vest on:

I think they should print those camo at the back of the vest too.. just to make it balance. They look fierce from the front but too vulnerable from the back (too plain).

I appreciate their effort to have side printing on the arm and legs: all have diff pocket design.

Without their vest on:

Last part, also my favourite part: All the weapon/accesories you can get from this set:

I will leave the discussion about these weapon to the experts =) (you know who you are) but i bet you won't feel too excited about this. They look same with rifle that Lele/SY already introduce in their earlier army/military set. =(

About the plastic quality.. I can confidentially say that plastic used by Sheng Yuan (in SY168SY168, and The Expendables) is far more better. However Sheng Yuan haven't issue any camouflage figure before so that left us with Di Long brand (Link) to compare. Di Long only have one camouflage color and design for all the minifigures in that one set. You will have more choice with camouflage color/pattern with this Lele.

If you already have few set of Lele before, you will know what to expect - the quality is not consistent. None of these figure have loose limb, but my finger hurt a little when i try to attach their arm to the torso. Only one figure (blue coloured camouflage, 2nd from right) suffer paralysed arm. The arm is too loose that he cannot even held up any weapon.

Oh,i just notice none of these figure come with utility belt too =). They don't need any, no? =)


  1. The guns, nothing we haven't seen before:

    1st row, left to right - M4A1 RIS ... M4A1 SB ... Brickarms DP-28

    2nd row, left to right - FG42 ... M60+Ammo ... Bren Gun

    I dunno, I might skip this set altogether. I've got a dozen M4A1-SB's (my fav rifle in this set) already so no point getting more.

    Also the GBL Swat set (you know I've been waiting for that for ages) just came to Ipoh last week and I've bought a dozen (6 x M4T1, 3 x Mossberg m500t shotgun, 2 x Remington 870 shotgun and 1 x PSG-1 sniper rifle). And! The Expendables too have arrived and I've bought 6 boxes (for some Barrett M82 big-ass sniper rifles).

    Enough military minifigs for me for the time being. Spent over RM60 on minifigs alone this week. But very happy to be adding so many new guns to my armory :D

    Unlessss! ... Disen army set were to show up at my shops ... then easily another RM30 damage ... LOL!

  2. Great review, I saw this locally. I might get this for accessories and items.

  3. I receive my package also is a nice one


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