Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lego Sniper MOC - progress so far

I almost give up.. seriously. now i'm at step 379 from 460 steps available. It's really difficult to follow instruction from LDD.. not easy as it looks. 

This is what mine looks like so far. Pardon the image quality. not really in mood to take photos. 
the shape is there… but..
I'm not sure if i can assemble them perfectly or even make it to work. Took me about 8 hours now..


  1. You can ask me questions about it if you want. I can help you if you need...

  2. hey thanks! =). I initially refer to LDD to assemble it. The 3 part video also help a lot. It's easier to follow instructions from the video actually =).

    but i'm kinda under pressure because my friends keep asking me about the progress and i'm afraid that i cannot make it work. ahahhaa.

    but again, thanks for the support. i really need it and appreciate it very much =)


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