Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lego Shazam, Martian Manhunter imitation

Look at what i found today! One of my wanted list SDCC lego figure - Shazam!

Of course it's not original. Lol. Where i have such money to buy $200 lego figure. =(. but my sdcc batman is an exception. that's why i decided not to take it off from the card. I think that's the only thing that differentiate original with custom or imitation.

As usual, found them at local toyshop at RM5 each, and this time they also have 5 other figure:  lego martian manhunter, lego the flash, lego hooded robin, lego nightwing, and lego dr.doom.

eh wait, Decool already have imitation Martian Manhunter? Lol. They are ahead of Lego. Just last month rumours spread that Martian Manhunter will be available in March.
However the imitation quality as you can expect - not very nice and detail. If you compare  this picture and the advertisement above - it's very different design! 

update on 15th Feb 2014:
Its different torso printing because M.Manhunter by Lego wear new costume from Injustice and Decool M.Manhunter wear costume from Justice League! Thanks Cylo Hudencial for pointing this out in comment below. I should have check with google first. lol! 

Found images of him from Justice and Injustice League - and i put them side by side to compare:
Left - from Injustice League, right - from justice League

Even tough i already have the original figure, i always buy them in complete set because im curious to see the quality of RM5 stuff.

This is what inside the box. 

Wow, i hate it that they now also have that 3 x 4 display plate. exactly like lego but no lego logo on that stud.

if you are wondering what's coming next - they also include brochure of available/coming lego figure. Gosh, i cannot wait fantastic four figure next. and cyclops too!!!

here's the scan image of the brochure. if you want to see them in detail: 
(click them to view larger image)

Figures without accessories. i always throw them away because i dont want them to mix with my original lego.

From all 6 figures above, i have all except shazam and martian manhunter. I will do comparison - take picture of them (original versus imitation) side by side when i have more free time =)


  1. The martian manhunter kind of cool with the cape but still the eyes of the original tend to be more suits with the char XD
    P/s: I have noticed preorders avail now for the martian manhunter.

    1. maybe we can buy extra lego figure just for his head and change the decool version? heheh

  2. Hi Sir I think the difference between the Lego and Decool Martian ManHunter is
    Lego M.ManHunter New Costume from Injustice,
    and the Decool is the Old Costume from Justice League :)

    1. Hey there, I really appreciate your comment. I already edit/put some note about the different torso design in my post above. It's too obvious now that i don't read comic book. =p

    2. Thanks Sir.
      I'm a fan of your blog, I always visit it :)

  3. Hi, may I know where is the local toyshop in Malaysia you got those Decool lego figures? I'm interested to get them too. Thanks!

    1. hi there. im from kuala lumpur. so far i already saw them at many store/toy booth. definitely not available at pavilion/klcc. you may try toy booth inside aeon big at wangsa maju or toy store at Time Square Berjaya Megamall. if you are too far from those place, maybe can surf the postage normally rm6 to semenanjung malaysia

  4. Is that Winter Soldier next to Venom on the brochure?

    1. yes, i believe he's winter soldier. found this image when i google.

      now i also cannot wait to have them!


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