Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Complete Lego Batman Minifigure

Yesterday i received a parcel from US. guess what's inside? it's the blue batman! =). I can't believe only last month i blog about my batman collections and i still need 3 to complete. In 1 month i manage to get another 3 batman and 1 SDCC batman! heheheh… 

lastest addition - blue batman on the right
$10, $28, $10, $55 - 2014 price
i want to display them in another case. preferably only batman figures

To date, there are 13 lego batman minifigures including SDCC Batman. I will show mine when i found proper case to display them, okay? =). Oh wait, this year there are 2 3 more new batman outfit from 2014 batman set!!. So there should be 15 16 lego batman minifigures available. (Please correct me if i'm wrong =))

There are 4 new batman set for year 2014: 76010 The Penguin Face Off, 76011 Man-Bat Attack, 76012 The Riddler Chase, and 76013 The Joker Steam Roller. 
76010 The Penguin Face Off

76011 Man Bat Attack

76012 The Riddler Chase

76013 The Joker Steam Roller

However there are only 2 new batman suit from those set. The new batman suit is in 76010 and 76012. 

Batman in 76011 and 76013 is the same with batman in 2012 set number 6864 Batmobile and Two-Face Chase and polybag 30160 Bat Jetski.

Batman from 76011 and 76013

Still, 76013 is a must have set. Who can resist batgirl? =)

update@6/2/2014: there are actually 16 batman in total. 3 new batman in 2014. those from 76010 and 76012 and last one is from Lego Juniors 10672 Batman: Defend the batcave.

i need more money now…..

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