Monday, 17 February 2014

I love ironman v2

As at to date, lego only introduces 4 ironman (mark 6 "triangle chest", mark 7 "circle chest", mark 17 " heart breaker armor", and mark 42 "prodigal son"), 1 iron patriot, and 1 war machine. 

There's also 1 ironman given during Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive that you can get over ebay at USD1,300 =p. nickname: bleeding Edge

But i got him for RM5 ($1.50) only =p
the color is too dark.. and too much glittering

This is one of the earlier batch released by shang yuan, that's why the weird leg assembly. now they have imitate 100% lego design

Please correct me if i'm wrong but i'm trying to do a little introduction here =p. After New York Battle in The Avengers movie, Tony Stark realized that Iron man cannot do it all on his own and the world couldn't always count on The Avengers, so he created Iron Legion. Guess how many iron man suits are there in Iron Legion? 35! from mark 8 to mark 42!

Mark 3 to mark 7 are considered as his primary armors (plus mark 42,maybe).

War Machine armors are Mark 2, War Machine and Iron Patriot.

Mark 1 is the first Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark when he held hostage in the cave.

So in total there are about 44 iron man suits! and 6 of them has already been issued by Lego. I just cannot wait for lego to issue the next suits, that's why i bought the Knock off version.. 

Tadaaa!! (you can click the image to view bigger image)

edited on 19th Feb 2014: add nickname to every iron man suits 

If you are wondering which one they are from, there are few option available:

1st option: primarily use 16 design from Shang Yuan and add only add Mark 21 from Decool

2nd option: primarily use 12 design from Decool and add 5 more design from Shang Yuan

3rd option: use 6 of them original from lego + mix the other mark from SY or Decool =)


  1. Hello

    I also purchased the IRONMAN of SHENYUAN and DECOOL other day.

    I do not like if I think of it as a fake of LEGO, but I think that it is a thing pretty good if I think of it as a custom part to compensate for the lack of LEGO.

    I think try to write a blog in the near future.

    By the way, what do you think about IRONMAN minifig that have been released from "LELE"?

  2. Where can i find the 2nd series which mark 2, mark 5, mark 40 included. Can you help me?


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