Saturday, 26 April 2014

May project - 3300003 Lego Brand Retail Store

It's payday! And as usual my hand already itchy to buy something from Bricklink. It's different feeling from buying brand new lego set in box from shop. I admit, i love to key in parts number and try different combination of seller to get the lowest possible price for whatever i'm building. plus, the excitement of seeing the parcel waiting at home after i get back from work ... priceless!

This month, one of my friend ask me to source for 3300003 Lego Brand Retail Store. It's exclusive giveaway to celebrate new Lego store openings (source). Brand new and sealed set cost about USD70 at Bricklink (not inclusive postage).  The instruction is not that hard to find. just google it and you will know the parts used and instruction to build it!

image source :
After few hours, I complete the mission with 3 different sources, and cost me about RM196 =).. inclusive postage!

So now i have to wait about 3 weeks for the parts to arrive =)...

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