Thursday, 17 April 2014

Close look at Benny from Metalbeard's Sea Cow 70810

I always want to have a close look at this guy.. and today i got the chance. You can get this guy from 70810 (Metalbeard's Sea Cow) and 70816 (Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP). Both are not cheap in Malaysia. 70810 is around RM1,1xx-ish even though the price at is only USD249.99. Direct conversion is only RM810. But after include tax, shipping cost, blah blah around RM300.. tada.. we pay extra USD90ish to get the set. how lucky, right?

the head has dual side face

This guy is soooooooo cute! At first i thought he's the same with the normal space guy from the vintage space set. but i'm wrong! the torso, the headpiece (the trademark - huge open mouthed smile with his red tongue visible) and the obvious cracked helmet is new design and only for this figure.

I only have one classic blue space guy and i think it's from the first vintage space set, not the reissue version. If you can see from these images, the helmet is different on the reissue figure.

I took some photos to compare them side by side

My most favourite part is the cracked helmet. have you ever wonder why benny come with cracked helmet? i read it somewhere that's because many of the classic spacemen's helmets got cracked in that place =)

by the way, here's closer look on the helmet. 
comparison with helmet from the vintage minifigure

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  1. used to have this little fellow (white and yellow colour) back in 90's..but then I lost it :(


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