Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lego Promotional Polybag - Darth Revan

Got this last week but manage to share with you guys only today.. =).... one simple word.... AWESOME!

I manage to get it like... 3 weeks before this coming 4th May (this polybag is suppose to be exclusive promotional item given for the 2014 "May the Forth". As usual, the price on ebay - before they are officially available is really ridiculous. The price range is around USD25 to USD30, but i manage to get it at USD14 each inclusive shipping to Malaysia. Bought 30pcs of it and paid about RM1,500 for them. I only keep 2 polybag, and sold the rest to my friends.

The printed quality is much better than TC-4. This Revan is made in Denmark  and the TC-4 is made in China. Maybe that's explain it all. =)

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