Tuesday, 21 February 2017

LEGO 5004928 Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman Key Chain

Another LEGO Batman movie polybag from recent promotion (LCS & GSC) in Malaysia. I didn't get it from purchase of RM100 Lego set but i exchanged it with my extra #30607 polybag (Disco Batman & Tears of Batman). Exchange of two LEGO Batman figure with a keychain.. not fair at all but most LCS outlets in Malaysia have already run out of stock.. so i have no choice. Malaysian (including me) really loves free stuff LEGO. hehe

It's only 1 piece so nothing to assemble here :)

I'll add this variant to my collection as it is. yeah.. with the metal chain attached to the head. If you would like to remove the keychain, just google "how to remove keychain from lego figure" and you'll get tons of diy/tips. (hint: it'll involve heat) but i'm not going to torture mine with it.. hehe.. wait till i get extra figure to do the experiment.

Anyway, I'm more excited with LEGO 5004929 Batman Battle Pod that i managed to get one today. I'll share with you guys in next post :)


  1. A pair of pliers and some brute force gets it done easily too. I've removed more than a few this way

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