Wednesday, 17 February 2016

SY363B Superman's Mecha

This post is a continuation from SY363A Batman's mecha here

Items in the box: Instructions booklet and lego parts in 6 sealed bags.

Printed parts. 

A few work in progress photos:

Assembled set:

Front, side and rear view of the mecha:

Adjustable rear wing:

Same with SY363A, SY use rotation joint ball half to connect the thigh with the hip but they still use ball-joint for the feet.

Lift up the windshield to expose Superman in the cockpit.

Superman's double barrel:

Trans-black diamond as the source for the gun:

Superman's mecha and Batman's mecha (from SY363A) use the same build to attach the upper and lower body. Look at that axle sticking out from the hip. Mine stick very well. I'm really sure both of this mecha wont split into two if they fight.

Ready, Set, Action!

Assembled minifigures:

These guy are not clone from Batman vs Superman LEGO sets or any previous super heroes LEGO set. 
image source: Bricklink

I hope SY and other brand will stop producing these type of mecha LEGO set (^_^)". Don't tell me they are going to make a mecha for every DC or Marvel super heroes ahaha. 


  1. I love the look of the mecha. But as a comic book fan I cringe to the fact that Superman needs a mecha. hahaha.

    1. ya you are right, i too love the sups suit design but cringe in this application. However, i reapply this by either putting batman into this suit (BvS) or giving this suit to lex ;)

    2. Now I regret not having Lex Luthor's mecha. love the green and purple color

  2. Do you think SY or DECOOL sell minifigs without the mecha in the future ?
    someone can tell me if it is exist an url/site for SY/DECOOL/DARGO next set of minifigs ?

    For example for this new DARGO minifigs


    1. Hi. They don't seem to have any real webistes. There are actually facebook pages, but they are half dead.
      Haven't met Dargo's page.

      There's also brick wiki where you can check up released models. It's filled by enthusiasts and is not complete.
      Other manufacturers

      Personally I've found a convenient way to know about new models. I've added several brick sellers to favourites at aliexpress. When you open seller list there are displayed new items at their shops. And most of them really have new stuff there.


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