Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sheng Yuan SY363A Batman's Mecha

Hi guys! This is more like pics sharing because I do not have any new post in the past week so I was a bit in a hurry to make reviews of these mecha (SY363A, SY363B and Iron Man MK1). Oh my kids and I also in the process of assembling Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle (by Lepin). We took some time to assemble it because a bit busy with several family trip during school holidays last week (during Chinese New Year). 

Hey, I hope it's not too late for me to wish Happy Chinese New Year to our fellow chinese friends :)

Have you seen the final trailer of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice that has been released a few days ago? (Quick countdown: 35 days to go for the movie yeay!!) However, these robots are not from Batman vs Superman LEGO sets (#76044, #76045 or #76046). 
Batman vs Superman LEGO set

In this SY363A, Batman is fighting Joker while in SY363B  Superman is fighting with General Zod. I got this set and SY363B both from local shop at RM60 ($14). That is $7/set. You can get both SY363A&B at Aliexpress from as low as $21.59(without box) to $26.09 (with box) inclusive free shipping :).

Items in the box: Instructions booklet and lego parts in 7 sealed bags.

Printed parts. 

A few work in progress photos:

Assembled set:

Front, side and rear view of the mecha:

Lower the windshield to expose Batman in the cockpit.

SY use rotation joint ball half to connect the thigh with the hip. Different technique and parts used in Super Heroes's mecha that we have ever seen before (for example The Hulk Buster Smash #76031 and some other mecha(SY's)) that use ball joint to connect the arm/leg.

This kinda remind me of some Exo-Force robot that i used to have. Look at those thigh connected at the hip:
pic: google

However, they still use ball-joint for the feet.

**Weakness detected!**. For some reason this left foot will easily detached from the hip while I was trying to style some pose :(. Maybe changing them with original  LEGO parts will solve the problem.

The big gun:

The big gun is connected to two tanks behind the mecha.

It's time to bully The Joker. what a fair fight :)))

Printed parts:

Size comparison with Superman's mecha from SY363B:

Assembled minifigures.

The Joker looks like a copy from LEGO #76023 (The Tumbler) but when viewed more closely, they are actually different. The face and hair color is different. and the purple suit design is also different.

source: bricklink

Batman also is not a copy from LEGO. The bat logo on the chest is from new design (fat bat lol) but the torso is definitely different from LEGO. 
source: Bricklink.

Now, now boys, let's play nice.

This is Gotham!

Please proceed here for another part - SY363B; Superman's Mecha.

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  1. I realise the build for this and the superman mecha is actually following the Lex Luthor mecha which is in the official lego set Lego 6862. Can't say for sure but from the photos looks quite the same. Bought both these SY sets and I think the build is really solid.

    1. Hi @Kugan. you are right. They look closer to Lex Luthor's mecha than those Exo-force I told earlier.

    2. eh, i dont have pic of these with the other mecha (wolverine, antman) that i reviewed last year. aha..

  2. If only they could issue Joker like this as a separate minifigure.

    1. @Batsy Bats, you do not plan on getting this set?

      Hmm, it's been a while since Decool or Sheng Yuan issue set of minifigures. they seem more focused on larger sets

    2. No. It doesn't look good to me. I don't like any of these mecha tbh.
      Also spent too much on Lego Batman recently.

      I wish they would give us some news and updates about new sets.


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