Thursday, 13 August 2015

Decool 0217-0222 Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Minifigures Set

I received this set together with 0223 - 0228. However, i will separate the review for both sets to make it more comfortable and easier to browse.

Name of the characters printed on the box:

0217 - Iron Man Mark 45
0218 - Ultron Sentry Officer
0219 - Scarlet Witch
0220 - Ultron Mark 1
0221 - Ultron Prime
0222 - Quicksilver

Catalog and trading/game cards from this set and Decool 0223 - 0228:

Catalog provided in each box.

Assembled minifigures:

Forgive me for not taking pictures of every minifigures with their accessories and weapons. Here is a picture of the extra parts/accessories/weapons (from this set and Decool 0223 - 0228).

Each minifigure comes with a super jumper. What i got here in the picture below is from 2 sets. 0217-0222 and 0223 - 0228

Comparison with original Lego on right:

Looks like Decool will continue using shaped waist on the torso for female minifigures from now on.

This guy has severe neck problems. >_<.  I can not make his head fit properly to the torso hence the weird looks

I will continue the review on Decool 0223 - 0228 in my next post =)


  1. Wow! 3 posts in one day. I've been waiting for the review of this decool set and it looks awesome. Also, the Gorilla Grodd and Darkseid. weeee. Decool's quality is really the best from the pictures that you posted. I will definitely buy these this weekend. Hope you review the Decool Igor next. Keep it up dude

    1. To clear it up,Decool's quality is the best compared to SY,LeLe and other knockoffs. heheh

    2. SY body very similar lego and their have 2 face side now (new product only)

    3. hi @Midas Hand; There is no denying Decool is in the top list of my favorite brands. Only some figures in this set has loose hand.

      @gantarat; thanks for such info. some new reader may not yet know that the latest SY release has two faces.


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