Thursday, 13 August 2015

Decool 0229 Darkseid

I get this set together with Gorilla Grood - Decool 0230, but to make it easier for me to organise the entry on this blog, I will make a review of them separately.

His hand still attached to the plastic rack.

Comparison with original Lego figure on right:


  1. On Monday I saw the last film of DC Lego and Darkseid appeared! Now I see here and I definitely will buy when it comes to Venezuela. <3

    1. hi there. i bet it is Justice League vs. Bizarro League movie. is it the latest? i found Attack of the Legion of Doom on torrent *ehem* hehe

    2. I think Attack of the Legion of Doom the lastest one...DVD will come out this month...definitely gonna buy the dvd since it come with the Trickster minifigure :)

    3. hey thanks for the reminder. i totally forgot about it. just like Justice League vs. Bizarro League bluray, i will buy the latest movie just because of the minifigure too. lol


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