Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lego Minecraft by SL Toys - Part 1 of 3

Who's into Minecraft? I don't play the game so I'm not really interested with the Lego set. But I do know Lego release the first Lego Minecraft set in 2012 via Cuusoo (now Lego Ideas) set number 21102 Minecraft Micro Word.

21102 Minecraft. Source: google
In 2013, they released 21106:The Nether and 21105:The Village and set 21107:The End released in 2014.

source: google

I got my first bootleg set of Lego Minecraft a few months back made by SL Toys. When I first received it, i thought "Damn, they are good". In 4 previous set that i mentioned before, none of them come with average Lego size minifigures. That's why i think these figures made by SL Toys are from their own design. I don't have time to blog about it so i just keep them in my drawer. Later, I found  out Sheng Yuan and Lele also make Minecraft set (pic and review in next post) and yesterday, i saw image of Dargo's set of minecraft. lol. That means every brand are making bootleg figure of Lego Minecraft.

All of them have same figure. So with simple google seach, i realised i'm 1 year behind with Lego minecraft set. Turned out they release another 6 Lego set in 2014 alone and possible 5 new set  this year.

2014 Lego minecraft. source: google

Enough mumbling, I'll share with you pictures of SL Toys Minecraft in this post and Sheng Yuan's and Lele's set in different post. I don't know if there's a limit of how many pictures i can fit in one single post but to make it look more organised, i will post them in different post.

There are 6 figures in this set:

Pictures of the boxes:

The usual trading /game cards in this set is actually a sheet of sticker.

Assembled figures. Do you like it? I lost interest with them because of their leg. It's like the old Sheng Yuan figure.

Each minifigures will have their own weapon and 1x2 brick. They will look like these with stickers applied:

This guy has the most accessories. With armor and .. hat?

I prefer these 1x2 bricks over the minifigures but i know they are not permanent. It's stickers!

Please find Lego Minecraft figures by Sheng Yuan and Lele in next post =) 


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