Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lego Minecraft by Lele - Part 2 of 3

Hi. Let me continue blogging about copy of Lego Minecraft here. My previous post (link) is also about copy of Lego Minecraft but from SL Toys.

In this set, Lele has 8 design to offer:

Pictures of the boxes:

There's no trading/game card but the instruction sheet is bigger than usual.

Assembled figures with accessories and simple build for the animals:

The minifigures line up:

I love these! Cow, sheep and pig? They are cute!

Phew.. one more to go. Let me continue about Sheng Yuan's copy of Minecrafts figure in next post.


  1. Hi Thanks for sharing your passion. I just bought Lele Minecraft set but the user manual incorrect for the set came in box. Got some trouble to assemble it. Wondering if u can contact u to get a few photos of Assembly Manual?

    1. I'm sorry again that i just read your comment. It's almost 2 weeks now so did you manage to get the manual?


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