Sunday, 12 October 2014

Imitation Lego Batman Set by Sheng Yuan SY203A, SY203B, SY203C, and SY203D

Bat-vehicle and batman figure that Sheng Yuan imitate is from actual lego Batman set:

SY203A - Lego 30301 Batwing polybag & batman figure from Lego 76023 The Tumbler UCS
SY203B - Batcycle and Batman both from Lego 6860 The Batcave
SY203C - Bat-vehicle and Batman both from Lego 76010 The Penguin Face Off
SY203D - Bat-buggy (from LEGO 7884 The Batbuggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze) Thanks to BanjarRakai for this update :)and Batman of Zur-En-Arrh (SDCC 2014)

I'm not really interested with the bat-vehicle but super excited about the minifigure. 

I already blog about Batman of Zur-En-Arrrh (one of exclusive for SDCC2014 figure) in detail here. (LINK)

So, i'll continue comparison for the other 3 batman figure below. Original lego is on the right and Sheng Yuan's on the left.

So far all Sheng Yuan minifigure don't come with dual sided face.

SY figure come with scalloped 5 points cape, same colour and pattern with lego.. but the material is different.

Still, no dual sided face..

Okay, i photoshopped this photo. >_< . I don't have UCS 76023 so i compare SY's with google image. Pattern and colour of the design on the torso is the same, but as usual.. line printed on bootleg figure is bolder and i'm sure the lego has nicer bronze colour on the belt. 

Photoshopped photo: Christian Bale Batman

Okay... i really need to consider buying UCS 76023. What a beauty... *droool*

Image from Brickset


  1. Hi, have you actually bought all these ? Why didn't you review the bat vehicle ? They looks good to me. I'm tempted in buying them but you never review their vehicle. By the way , the tumbler does left me drools on the side line . Hehe

    1. Hi there. Yes, i bought them but most of the time i just take out the minifigures and dump all the other bricks in box. Ahaha... I still have them, so sure. I can assemble them and take some photos =)

  2. Yo Legostore, SY also have The Bat vehicle as imitation. You planning to get & review that ? It looks cool yo almost like genuine LEGO bu ti dunno whether LEGO actually produce The Bat vehicle officially.

    1. Hi there. Yeah, i saw some of the imitation and its 100% lego design =p

      They imitate exactly set number 76013 Batman: The Joker Steam Roller, 76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase, 76011 Batman: Man-Bat Attack, 76010 Batman: The Penguin Face off, 6864 Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase, and 6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City. Wow.. Almost all batman new set!

  3. I know that Shen-Yuan immitation sets claim to be compatible with LEGO. how do the pieces fit with LEGO?

    1. Hi, some of the parts stick well but most kinda loose. that's why i prefer just the minifigures. for bricks, Kazi and Enlighten are more reliable and better with Lego.

  4. Hi,
    Do you still have the instruction for Bat-ATV (SY203D)?

    1. Hi @BanjarRakai. I think i still have it but give me some time. let me check ya.

    2. Hi Legostore,

      Don't bother searching your bat-chest of archive. I've found the instruction. :D

      Just small info to complement your entry. I believe the vehicle in set SY203D is a copy from Batbuggy from LEGO 7884 The Batbuggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze.

    3. ah.. sorry that i'm very slow to find the manual :(.

      but hey thanks for the update! i really appreciate it :)))

      i will update my post above with these info :)


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