Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Future Foundation by Decool

I have zero knowledge about this team - Future Foundation. Yup, i can google it.. but the excitement is so-so only =p

Found this pic on the net:
source: google/wiki

..and this is set of 4 of Future Foundation released by Decool..

Not sure of how many complete character in Fantastic Four but Decool only release 4 of them :

0156 - Mr. Fantastic
0157 - Invisible Woman
0158 - Spider man
0159 - Human Torch

Rear view


I think the other face of my Mr. Fantastic have printing issue.. but the printing on torso and leg assembly is very neat..

Now I've found good team for The Thing in white pants that i reviewed here.


  1. I saw this set ! Maybe will I buy it one day.

    Your pictures are outstanding, how do you do to avoid light/flash reflection ?

    1. Hi!. err... i'm sorry, i really don't know how to answer that. i didn't take any photography class.. but my setup is Nikon D90 with 50mm lens and SB700 speed light..

  2. when they first announced Future Foundation, it's like the Fantastic Four v.2 but since Human Torch just died, they officially recruited Spider-Man as the 4th member.. then I don't know what happened next, I didn't really followed the comics, but that's what I remember from the original story of Future Foundation.

    1. Yep.. I guess that's the reason why Human Torch isn't on the image you found on google above.

  3. Hi anywhere I can buy this in Singapore some shops sells these fake Legos but the shop I go to doesn't have Spiderman ones


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