Friday, 4 July 2014

Knock off Lego World Cup!

I think my theory is right. Sheng yuan is the fastest to introduce new design or imitation before other brand sell the same character. But this time its world cup theme. I believe this is the first of its theme. Lego did have soccee/football set in their sports theme but they do not label the character uaing the actual country that participate in world cup. I myself have a few lego coca cola figure =) 

They come in standard set of 8

Line of player without accessories

Each figure will have a trophy and a ball

Knock off on the left, the original on rhe right. Amazingly, knock off lego ball is symmetrical as compared to original lego. 


  1. Only Germany is playing the World Cup. The rest are footy players.

  2. I would have bought this set if... There was a Paris Saint-Germain player ! LOL


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