Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bootleg Lego Hobbit by Lele

Found another box of bootleg Lego Hobbit imitation - also by Lele. Lele pack them the same like The Lego Movie that i bought a few days before

Only this box has the cape outside the wrapping. If you are unlucky, the cape will easily fell of the box from the gap

For all these comparison, i will have original lego on the right and Lele's on the left. I didnt put the cape on and wear them any accessories because i want to focus on their torso/leg assembly design and mould shape. 

The arm of bootleg Legolas has orangish color =p

Hmm.. No dual face for bootleg legolas? Oh, the leg color also is different

Gimli has the best helmet everr!! Look at the difference

No dual face too and the leg color is different

This is close up on the original lego.  I'm really amaze with such details and  really fell in love with it. 

wow.. Wow.  The color of bootleg figure is soo wrong. 

Looks like Lele dont bother to imitate the exact same expression of the original figure

Bootleg Mirkwood elf chief  don'k know how to smile

The green part on the leg of bootleg figure is different tone with the torso

The design is the same but the color is different. Even the hand also is different color

After having all these 8 figures compared, it can be conclude that Lele is copying the exact same design from the original figure by lego. However, most of the knock off/bootleg figure can easily be spotted because of their wierd color, lack of details (mostly have bolder line on their torso design)  and for some figure,  they have different face expression after all. If we have closer look, we can see that some design have their color printed offside the intended area. 

Lele has the same 'X'  shape inside the torso and the leg assembly for shorter minifigure also is same with lego. However, they will never have 'Lego'  wording carved on their body parts.  So just find those logo if you want to seek the truth =p


  1. Do you keep this bootlegs in a case same with you did with official lego?

    1. Hi. =). Even though im 99% confident i can distinguished them by first look, i dont want to take the chance. Lol. I keep them seperately. For now i display original lego in arcylic case and i store the knock off in ziplock bag. Some time ago i accidentally mixed original and knock off lego body parts when i was photographing them. I admit, i freak out. I have to use magnifying glass to tell the difference. Lol

  2. Original Lego Gimli's helmet ... wow ... the details ... just wow!

    1. Yeah, right? Now if i have free time, i'm planning to take closer look on some other character/lego parts that maybe can amaze us more =)

  3. King of the Dead & Soldier of the Dead...Do they glow in the dark like the original lego does?

  4. As usual This set is Lele quality ,for some minifgures you have great quality for others ....
    Anyhow my big draft was the elfs headpeace and for Uruk armor and some torsos not for the overall quality.
    But I would not buy the 2'nd one :)


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