Tuesday, 5 April 2016

BELA #10378 - #10383 LEGO Star Wars

I feel like I already made a review for this set until I noticed that the heading is "Space Wars" and it's a BELA logo. I thought that they are from LELE. 

When I get home then I noticed that there are 12 minifigure in this set O_o. Luckily the shop is only 5km distance so i went back and get the other half. but i'll make the review for them in 2 different post.

Instructions for the micro-build are printed at side of the box:

Assembled LEGO Star Wars minifigures with their micro-build. 

LEGO Stormtrooper

LEGO Shadow Guard

LEGO Jar Jar Binks

LEGO Clone Trooper Lieutenant

LEGO TIE Fighter Pilot

LEGO Senate Commando Captain

It's painful to see stormtrooper with such defect. Luckily i already have handful of stormtrooper for now ahaha

Please continue for other half of this set in my next post BELA #10384 - #10389 LEGO Star Wars  :)


  1. i see the stormtroopers left leg cracked. hows the quality compared with TLG, Decool of SY?

    Please also check this out. i see you havn't reviewed yet.

    was wondering if any good.

    ~Antonio Montenagro

    1. I think you've answered your question by yourself. The cracked leg and the plastic leftovers on the other side is not something SY or Decool produce.

  2. Is that poe's force awakens x wing? I got it last week but haven't put it together. I did put the minifigures together. Sadly both pilots helmets don't have clean visors, just the same colour as the helmet itself

    1. Hi @Joe Beausoleil may i know from which brand is your x-wing? about the transparent LEGO parts made by these bootleg brand, only some can offer clearer clean transparent parts. i remember in one of my previous post. @ritche hortillo told me LELE's x-wing have clearer visor.


  3. It's Beausoleil (at work) I'll look tonight about the xwing. I'll look tonight but I just put together the TIE Advanced Prototype and it is 100% the same as the original. I put different colour round clear bricks on them to keep them apart. In fact, I'd say its even better as the printing on the cockpit is darker and bolder.

  4. Xwing I'd Lepin
    Tie prototype is Bela


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