Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Counterfeit 100% exact Lego Minecraft set spotted on Taobao

This is terrifying but I need to share with you guys. Exact 100% Lego imitation of Minecraft set number 21102, 21105, 21106 and 21107 (with Lego marking on their parts and packaging) are spotted on Taobao.

Personally I'm okay with other brands (Sheng Yuan, Decool, etc) issuing same minifigures and lego set (Lego look-alike) but without Lego marking all over their bricks. Reason? Because i know it's imitation and i'm willing to pay for it. But not this one! This 100% copy with Lego marking is unacceptable because they clearly want to deceive buyer. 

The following images are not mine. I got them from http://www.chinalug.com/

I feel so uncomfortable buying Lego set online now, especially from seller originated from Asia. Please do not get me wrong. I'm from Malaysia, part of Asia too. I used to trust their listing on taobao/aliexpress. If the item listed has these wording: "lego look-alike", "lego copy", "lego compatible" and the price is super cheap, i know it's imitation and i know what to expect. What i'm afraid now is i pay price for an original set but what i get is the imitation =(. 

Here's a summary of the difference that you can spot:
1) Printed image/wording is a little rough on fake box.
2) Lego logo (the black lines) printed is thicker and bolder on original set.
3) Lego use 2 square sticker with black lines in the middle and some numbers to seal the set. While the fake use one round shape sticker.
4) Copyright mark "C" on original Lego parts has a bit Italic font style.
5) Quality of the bricks - especially the stud and hole.
6) Printed colour of the instructions is darker on fake set.

How about you guys, what else can you spot from the above images?


  1. you have right. i think LEGO company should beware this imitation company to stop this process.soon we don't know if we buy original LEGO or imitation - till we can get this in hands and check marks on plastics. very dangerus.

    1. i still remember few years back when i buy used lego set over ebay. that time the only risk i had is if there's megablock bricks mixed in it..but megablock brick is easy to identify. but with all these imitation bricks.... phew. i might need additional pair of eyes to look at all parts in used set.

  2. When i buy a bootleg, i like to know that is a bootleg and to assume the risk of bad quality.But this situation is .... bad bab bad . This kind greedy company ,could be the cause for end for bootlegs sets .

    1. hi @Bk Brickonstene.

      I agree with you. When I want to buy imitation goods (with really good reasons of course lol), I am fully aware of the quality and risks that i will get. However with these counterfeit goods which are sold as genuine goods everywhere in the market, confusion will always exist, and I do not like being cheated like that.

  3. Most of them are actually not fake but some are real fake.

  4. How can you be OK with "brands (Sheng Yuan, Decool, etc) issuing same minifigures and lego set (Lego look-alike) but without Lego marking all over their bricks"? It doesn´t matter if they are using/not using LEGO logo. They are stealing LEGO designers ideas and not paying for licences (LucasArts, Disney, Marvel...).


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