Sunday, 28 September 2014

Lego Ironman Hulkbuster

Just got mine today! 

What's inside the box. Parts in sealed plastic. No trading/game cards included. Just the parts:

This guy is 7.8cm tall and if you wonder how big is he, let's compare with hulk:

Next big guy that in my waiting list is big venom by Decool list


  1. bro, seingat saya you did mention you tgh cari lego punisher - dia ada dalam set sekali dgn red skull, electro, etc.. saya ternampak kat kiosk mainan kat tesco bukit puchong.. please check it out.

    1. Hi! Thanks bro! I just got them today and already blog about it! Yeah the punisher himself is awesome! My fav is both punisher and bullseye =)

  2. wah! i read about it just now. excellent. good to know you already got your hands on it... from the place i told you or somewhere else?

  3. Oh no.. not from that place. puchong is quite far from my place. I bought it online from mudah. No choice but to pay a bit extra for postage. all people already have the figure, so i cannot delay the purchase! gotta have one set for review =)


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