Monday, 30 December 2013

KO Knock Off Brand Bizzaro

Shocked + excited = RM45

My hand automatically grab these when i saw them

As you can see from the image, its not original lego. My wife really against me reviewing them here because she think i should stick to original stuff. but i really cannot resist them because one of them is bizzaro (the right). Most of you guys might already know about it. Lego only produce 1,000 pcs Bizzaro during San Diego Comic-Con 2012. So its really exclusive and rare.

Exclusive Bizzaro figure giveaway during SDCC 2012

There's no way i can get the original Bizzaro because they are worth at least $250 (in USD okay).. and i dont think i can get the imitation previously because they are hand-made and limited. eBay. Priced around $20. So when i saw this bizzaro at RM5.. why need to think? it's $1.6 if we convert to USD. holy smoke...

Cyborg superman in the middle is purely custom. Lego never produce them. but, they are still expensive because very limited. just see for yourself here.. $39.90?? omg. now i can get mine at only RM5.

I dont know why i bought clark kent on the left. I have the original one. only RM50. Maybe it's itchy hand disease. haha... 

now look what i have at home.. and i really love them!! omg i love them soooo much!!! i cannot believe now i support imitation. NOT~

There are 8 other imitation with the series. but i already have the rest so i'll stick with original. Say "Yes" to ori lego =p

These are what i have. All from 2013 set. Look at Clark Kent. He's a little calmer compared to Sheng Yuan brand.

i hope china didn't produce imitation these much in such period of time. it's not good for me.. i already read somewhere that we might get imitation green lantern later. As you can already guess.. Green lantern also is one of the exclusive and limited minifigure given during San Diego Comic Con 2011 and New York Comic Con 2011. wait .. wait... not only actually there will be one green lantern imitation, but 8!!

image source from google 

image source from google

Argh.. i cannot keep secret too long. i want to confess.. i also bought another 6 imitation ironman =(. this time the brand is Decool

I already wrote before about imitation ironman but its different brand.. Sheng Yuan.

Now look my army:
Knock off ironman pose

There's one main diff with these two - the leg. Sheng Yuan on the left and Decool is on the right.

Decool KO brand almost close to original. =(

weird fact: Sheng Yan only have one side printed face meanwhile Decool have dual side face. heheh

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